Why experience is everything in a recruitment agency

For companies looking to use the services of a recruitment agency, there is one attribute that is more important than all of them – experience.

Putting your faith in a recruitment agency to find you the best client is not something you do lightly and it is critical that the agency you choose is completely absorbed in your industry.

For engineering and technical sectors, this is even more important. These sectors cover an incredible range of roles and skill levels so you have to be completely sure that your recruitment agency knows all the intricacies of the sectors inside out and upside down.

This is why it is all about experience.

There are plenty engineering and technical firms out there that have been stung by enlisting the services of an agency that does not really know the market.

Poor knowledge, lack of experience and few connections normally ends in one result: Not finding the best candidates for you.

Why FINTEC is different

FINTEC recruit have masses of experience in matching clients with the best candidates in roles right through engineering and technical sectors. There are few recruitment agencies that can boast a combined experience of more than 30 years.

We have worked extremely hard to always deliver for our clients and that is why some of the biggest names in the engineering and technical sectors put their faith in us and continue to do so.

Working for engineering and technical clients does not just mean finding engineers and technicians though. These sectors require an incredible array of roles to be filled by top-grade senior candidates.

FINTEC has sourced the best candidates for every role from IT to risk management and lots in between. Like we said, it’s all about experience.

Why choose FINTEC to find your next candidate?

  • We offer contingency ad-hoc recruitment services as well as working as the preferred supplier (PSL) agent.
  • Our new model brings a much higher level of expertise in sourcing candidates and a much higher service for individual vacancies and on large volume recruitment for projects.
  • We help with both interim and contract positions which can help clients in developing their projects. These can be short term and fixed term consultants and contractors with high levels of expertise.
  • We utilise the latest technology using trackable systems to ensure clients always get the best candidate.
  • We undertake sourcing via traditional methods as well as social media to find suitably qualified and experienced candidates.
  • We widely advertise roles in general and niche specialist job sites.
  • Every day we have new candidates registering with us as the agent of choice.