We hope you find our Tips useful.

It’s easy to register with FINTEC recruit. You can send your CV directly to our Consultants by emailing apply@fintecrecruit.co.uk. In your email let us know the following:-

  • Your ideal job type and sector
  • Salary expectations
  • Work locations considered
  • Your availability to take up a new job.

Writing your CV

Here are some general tips to help your write your cv. Remember some companies can receive volume applications and you want your CV to be read.

1. Think about the presentation of your CV – keep it simple and easy to read.
2. Start with your name, address, contact details, your email, home telephone number and mobile number – make it easy for the Manager to contact you.
3. A short profile heading – tailor this to the job you are applying for – summarise your skills and experience that match the job you are applying for – get noticed!
4. Work History – start with your most recent /current employer, dates of employment, job title and a short description of your responsibilities and achievements.
5. Qualifications – List your qualifications and dates of Awards and Certifications as well as any in-house training you may have received that may be relevant to the job.
6. Professional Memberships.
7. Use a confident tone and positive language.
8. Remember to mention other skills e.g. IT skills that may set you apart from the competition.
9. Make an honest and factual account of your experience – try and keep your CV to 2 or 3 pages at the most.
10. Quality not quantity!
11. Remember not to leave any gaps in your CV – all the dates should tally up.

Some things to avoid –

You don’t require to have a photo on your cv; avoid bright colours or pictures; stick to black ink; don’t divulge sensitive information such as your NI or passport numbers or bank account numbers; try not to generalise, be factual about what you did and how you did it.

Job Applications

For all the jobs advertised via FINTEC recruit you will require to provide your current CV which you can simply upload during the registration process on our website.

Some employers request a covering letter and this information will be highlighted on the job advert displayed on our website.

When FINTEC recruit receive your CV, we will get in touch with you to discuss the job role and to ask further questions if necessary. You also have the opportunity to ask us questions and prior to an interview, we will send you the full job description and as much information as possible.

Your CV will only be sent to our clients with your permission and we aim to present a positive application on your behalf.

Timescales for each vacancy vary and some companies can have a lengthy recruitment and application process; if at any time you would like an update on your application please contact us direct, don’t sit back and wait, as this is extremely helpful when we have high volumes of vacancies and applications.

We make sure you have as much information as possible on your interview arrangements and please take a look at our tips for interviews.

Not all our jobs are advertised and if you register with us we can place your CV on our database for suitable jobs arising.

We look forward to assisting you with your Job Applications.


Prior to your interview create a checklist for yourself. Careful planning pays off. Here are some things to consider:

1. Double check your interview date, time and venue; make your travel plans.
2. Think about appearance – plan what you are going to wear – have a professional look.
3. Find out the interviewers names and their positions in the company.
4. Do your research – check the company website, articles and look for any publications.
5. Read over the Job Description and consider what questions may arise from this.
6. Think about your skills and experience required for the job.
7. Find out if it is a competency style interview and the structure of the interview.
8. Think about examples of your work experience that reflect on the skills required for the job.
9. You may get asked some general questions e.g. Why do you want this job?; What are your strengths and weaknesses?; Tell me about yourself?
10. Plan to arrive at the interview venue early, 15 minutes or so before the scheduled time.
11. Try to keep calm, if you feel nervous take some deep breaths.
12. Make good eye contact with your interviewers, don’t look down or away after your answers – be confident.
13. Listen carefully to the questions, don’t rush your answers and ask for clarification if you are not sure of the question.
14. Remember to smile, be friendly and polite and leave with a good impression

Best of Luck