The potential of connecting!

The recruitment industry is be coming highly competitive and extremely challenging as it experiences a variety of transformations arising from a rapid increase in technology.There are new trends emerging every day and the recruitment industry is becoming heavily reliant on social media use.

Although the requirements of the industry are changing, there is one element that remains as a key factor in the success of recruitment and that is networking.

Websites an online social media sites such as Linkedin have changed the way businesses are connected with job seekers. It is becoming apparent that both company’s and job seekers are more comfortable connecting via the Internet rather than a face-to-face meeting. However, although these connections can be made at any time of the day,it is useful to combine both online and offline networking to create the most effective and beneficial recruitment strategy.

Successful businesses know that the secret to recruitment success is an established network. Networking is hugely beneficial in that it enables the selection process to be come easier, faster and more efficient. A platform for a business to promote their branding and developments in an engaging way.

Businesses must take advantage of all network-building opportunities around them whether i t ¬-¬be online or offline in order to find the best candidates to match their job requirements.

That’s why here at FINTEC recruit we offer Connect days where businesses have the opportunity to meet potential talent in a relaxed and informal way.We connect your company with matching job seekers by arranging an exclusive ‘connect’ day in any UK city centre location.We project manage your ‘Connect’ day event to your specification.

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