Spotlight on Procurement, Purchasing and Supply Chain Managers

If you are a Business currently looking for Procurement, Purchasing and Supply Chain Managers, this month our Spotlight will be  focusing on Procurement, Purchasing and Supply Chain Managers across the UK

We have highly skilled candidates with CIPS qualifications and experience in procurement, purchasing and supply chain management, who are currently open for work.

Contact us for information on our top candidates; view skills criteria and how we can help you fill your vacancy at speed.

We will assist with screening applicants for your Procurement and Supply Chain vacancies, arranging interviews for top talent who are actively and passively seeking new employment in your area with the skills and experience needed to help your business grow and prosper.

No fee payments required up-front, only on results.

Please contact us to find out how we can help and for full details of our services at

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FINTEC recruit offers specialist recruitment support for businesses in Engineering, Technology, FinTech and Financial markets, including supporting for roles in procurement, business development, health and safety and quality management positions for both permanent and temporary staffing.


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