As an online recruitment business we source engineers locally and across the UK. We have an extensive database of candidates looking for engineering roles in a variety of industries. We source engineering staff for permanent, contract, interim and fixed term positions.

Many Engineers registered with us possess cross sector skills and expertise.

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The IT and Technology industry is central to the UK economy, with more than 1 million people estimated to work in the sector and the employment of IT professionals is expected to grow at twice the rate of the UK average through to 2020.

There are exciting opportunities within the industry with current trends largely relating to mobile devices and cloud computing, and global business is becoming increasingly important. As for the telecommunications industry, it has seen an explosion of innovation and product development in recent decades with text and image communication becoming progressively more important than voice. As an online recruitment business we source candidates locally, across the UK and beyond.

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FINTEC recruit provides skilled and professional financial personnel for permanent, contract, interim and fixed term positions.

Financial services are known as the economic services provided by the finance industry. They include a range of areas such as; accounting and finance, banking and building societies, financial planning, insurance and investment and pensions.

The UK’s financial and related professional services contribute to 12% of the UK’s gross domestic product and account for over 7% of total employment according to a TheCityUK report. Therefore it is fair to say that the financial industry plays an extremely important role in our economy.

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Fintech Sector uses technology to improve activities in finance. Financial technology companies consist of both start ups and established financial and technology companies. Many existing financial institutions are implementing Fintech solutions and technologies in order to improve and develop their services, as well as gaining an improve dcompetitive stance, FinTech is proving to be a virant tech industry within the UK’s financial services sector. It is estimated that the UK FinTech sector employs around 61,000 people, particularly in London, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

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The UK has a strong reputation as a leading global centre for the provision of international legal services and dispute resolution (TheCityUK). Furthermore, the UK is home to the largest concentration of law firms.

Currently, the legal sector directly employs 316,000 people in London and across the UK in cities such as Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

There are two types of areas relating to the legal sector, the first area concerns “in house” jobs which relate to businesses having their own legal team. The second relates to law firm jobs which are more specific and target areas such as commercial law, property law, and employment law and capital markets.

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Executive Search

For senior professional vacancies, where you require additional support and expertise in sourcing the right calibre, experience and skills, we offer headhunting services. For our exclusive retained services, we work closely with your managers in understanding your business, the role and requirements, setting out our methods, our planning and processes to bring through candidates for your selection and recruitment to be in line with your strategy plans and timescales.

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