‘Putting together a Job description’

Even if your organisation already has a job description and person specification it is worth checking they are still up to date as we know much can change in the space of a year!

First steps before conducting interviews is getting the job description ready which also gives you the foundations before you draw up a person specification for each individual job in the company. A job description is also useful when you are ready to write up job adverts to attract candidates at the right level and experience for the position.

Where to start:

  • Talk to various Managers and experts/key stakeholders across the organisation as well as incumbents in the job role to gain an appreciation of all aspects required. Ask questions, challenge and ask why these skills and qualification skills are necessary, in producing a realistic job description that fits the criteria of the job and the qualities of the person you are looking for. For example, it may be worth questioning the qualification level if set very high against salary banding or the daily tasks involved.
  • Take time to write down what you believe are the requirements of the job, an essential for producing a document that will help pre-interview preparation.

Here’s some Key Headings:

  • Job Title:
  • Location:
  • Status : (Permanent/Temporary or Fixed term)
  • Hours/Days of work:
  • Reports to:
  • Objectives of the Role:
  • Duties: (a list of key daily tasks/regular weekly/monthly tasks and also any occasional infrequent duties).
  • Terms: (salary, commission/bonus if relevant; entitlements, additional benefits).

What to Think about –

  • The goals and objectives of the role
  • The tasks the person is expected to perform
  • Results expected to achieve
  • Responsibilities in the role
  • Knowledge, skills and other personal characteristics in being able to competently and successfully undertake the role
  • Qualifications

Consider what are the essential skills and desirable ‘nice to have’ skills.

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