We hope our tips and recommendations will help you shine at your interview. We have listed below several books that you may wish to purchase to help you feel more confident about how to answer some difficult interview questions or be more aware of what happens at assessment centres or psychometric testing.

Here are some areas to consider per-interview –

  • Common questions: think about some of the most common questions and be ready with some answers. These can be “Tell me about yourself”. “what are your strengths and weaknesses”. “what interests you most about the job and company”. “what makes you a good team player”.
  • Research: Check out the company web site, online articles
  • Appearance: Look out what you are going to wear in advance, most businesses are looking for smart
  • Interview Location: Look in advance where the interview venue is and plan your trip. Leave in plenty of time.

There are many publications that will give further insight into how to present at interviews and tackle difficult questions to applying yourself within a group interview or assessment situations.

We have chosen some literature for light reading and note taking before that crucial interview to help you get your dream job. Of course there is lots of information on line you can access but here are a few must reads to help you on your way to success.

Just simply click on the book name to purchase.

‘The Interview Expert: How to Get the Job You Want written by John Lees, is a guide setting out the full end to end processes for job interviews from pre-interview planning to preparing a presentation.

If you are looking for Job Interviews: Top Answers to Tough Questions John Lees has written this as a recommended review for anyone who is anxious about their interview or looking to improve interview performance.

Competency questions are very commonly used for all levels of interviews. covering questions where you have to explain in a detailed example of where, what, why, how you did a task to demonstrate your skill levels. Author Mike New has pulled together the type of competency questions you may be asked at your interview and demonstrates these in The Competency Question Book for Job Interviews: – the definitive guide to answering competency questions, this will help you realise the depth of skills and experience you have. This book is not only written with Jobseekers in mind; if you are a Manager or HR Manager and looking to assess or re-assess competencies of employees & teams, this will be a useful guide to have to hand.

So, you’ve been shortlisted for interview and you’re now well read on lot of ideas on how to answer those difficult competency questions and the next challenge you face if psychometric testing or an invitation to attend an assessment Centre. Yes?

Then, set time aside and read over Denise Taylor’s Now You’ve Been Shortlisted: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Being Successful at Interviews and Assessment Centres (Harriman Business Essentials)
– giving you an insight into different types of psychometric testing companies use and also covers aspects on how to perform well at assessment centres.

Try out some Assessment Centre role plays, from ideas in How to Succeed at an Assessment Centre: Essential Preparation for Psychometric Tests Group and Role-play Exercises Panel Interviews and Presentations (Testing Series) by Harry Tolley & Robert Wood. This book gives expert advice on all the key issues such as how assessments are conducted, how to behave in formal and informal situations as well as how to prepare for the various forms of assessments. With a plethora of practice questions, answers and explanations, this offers practical advice on the many different assessment processes, from group exercises to panel interviews and presentations.

Finally, for those who will face a more technical interview, you may be tested on your numerical aptitude. You can brush up by purchasing Ultimate Aptitude Tests: Assess and Develop Your Potential with Numerical, Verbal and Abstract Tests (Ultimate Series) by Jim Barrett. This book will provide a chance to brush up on your knowledge and identify further levels of capability.

Your comments and feedback on any of these purchases is welcomed and our FINTEC Consultant Team will always try to give the best advice we can through the processes of your application to placement.

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